Why You Need To Be A Good Salesperson

If you think that selling is only for those who have a business, perhaps you should read what follows. Selling is something we do every day without realizing it, perhaps under another name, but it is an incredibly human action that we could say is in our DNA. And being a good salesperson is perhaps more important than you might think.

You are probably wondering if you really sell something. If you don’t work in sales, you will think you don’t. That you never sell anything … But, don’t you sell yourself when you tell someone about your skills, whether they are professionals or in any field? If you want to convince and somehow persuade another person, you are selling.

You do it when you speak in favor of your favorite band, when you praise a movie so that your friend will be convinced, even when you recommend a place to eat for its delicious seasoning. Everything is selling, and the only difference with a conventional sale is that there is no price that is necessarily expressed in money.

The best is not always the best seller

Many times we believe that by being good at something, we should be successful, but this has a lot to do with how good we are as salespeople. In the end, the most successful is not necessarily the best, but the one that sells the best.

This lesson is reflected in an anecdote by businessman Robert Kiyosaki, when he advises a reporter to take a sales course. The reporter was offended, but Kiyosaki, the author of several bestsellers, had an excellent point.

“I am a very bad writer. You are a good writer. I went to sales school, and you, on the other hand, have a master’s degree. Put all that together and you have a best-selling book author and a best-written book author, ”he writes in Rich Dad, Poor Dad .

And the point here is that it is a sad truth: It is not enough to have great talent to be successful. But learning to sell can unleash your talent in an exceptional way, in whatever field you move.

The importance of learning to sell

And why is it important to learn to sell? Because it is not only about whether you offer products or services, it is about your professional and even personal life, how you show yourself, the labels you use, using the correct words and how all that affects you.

Author: Louis Hardy

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